OW2 - Online Registration.


def errorNumber = 0; def error="";

def login = request.getParameter("login"); if (login==null) login="";

def email= request.getParameter("email"); if (email==null) email="";

def firstName= request.getParameter("firstName"); if (firstName==null) firstName="";

def lastName= request.getParameter("lastName"); if (lastName==null) lastName="";

def membership= request.getParameter("membership"); if (membership==null) membership="";

def consortiumRead= request.getParameter("consortiumRead"); if (consortiumRead==null) consortiumRead="";

def organizationName= request.getParameter("organizationName"); if (organizationName==null) organizationName="";

def organizationWeb= request.getParameter("organizationWeb"); if (organizationWeb==null) organizationWeb="";

def work= request.getParameter("work"); if (work==null) work="";

def street1= request.getParameter("street1"); if (street1==null) street1="";

def street2= request.getParameter("street2"); if (street2==null) street2="";

def city= request.getParameter("city"); if (city==null) city="";

def state= request.getParameter("state"); if (state==null) state="";

def country= request.getParameter("country"); if (country==null) country="";

def zipCode= request.getParameter("zipCode"); if (zipCode==null) zipCode="";

def invoiceFirstName= request.getParameter("invoiceFirstName"); if (invoiceFirstName==null) invoiceFirstName="";

def invoiceLastName= request.getParameter("invoiceLastName"); if (invoiceLastName==null) invoiceLastName="";

def invoiceStreet1= request.getParameter("invoiceStreet1"); if (invoiceStreet1==null) invoiceStreet1="";

def invoiceStreet2= request.getParameter("invoiceStreet2"); if (invoiceStreet2==null) invoiceStreet2="";

def invoiceCity= request.getParameter("invoiceCity"); if (invoiceCity==null) invoiceCity="";

def invoiceState= request.getParameter("invoiceState"); if (invoiceState==null) invoiceState="";

def invoiceZipCode= request.getParameter("invoiceZipCode"); if (invoiceZipCode==null) invoiceZipCode="";

def invoiceCountry= request.getParameter("invoiceCountry"); if (invoiceCountry==null) invoiceCountry="";

def status= request.getParameter("status"); if (status==null) status="";


O W 2 - Warning

O W 2 Registration Wizard

This wizard will quickly take you through the registration process and your account will be activated instantly.

Step 1

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