2011 Election: Individual Members

Board of Directors of the OW2 Consortium, 2016

Please find hereunder the profiles of the candidates for the seat of Individual Members representative in the 2016 Board of Directors.

Individual Members: List of Candidates

Individual Members are to elect 1 representative.

Individual Members: Candidates Profiles


Jims passion is FOSS and his desire and drive is to encourage and build communities and instill the values of collaboration and consensus within FOSS projects. He would be honored to share his experience and whatever expertise he may have with OW2.

Applicant Bio

Jim is likely best known as one of the co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation, or as a speaker at numerous events. At his core, however, Jim is a developer and hacker, and it is via his involvement in FOSS as a developer that he has obtained the opportunities to help create, grow and lead the communities.