Election2011 : Corporate members

Board of Directors of the OW2, 2016

Please find hereunder the profiles of the candidates for the seats of Corporate Members representatives in the 2016 Board of Directors.

Corporate Members: List of candidates

Corporate Members are to elect 7 representatives. This year, there are 1 candidates for 7 seats, we have no need to vote. However, only those members who have fully paid their membership fees will be declared elected.

Corporate Members: Candidates Profiles


Since the beginning, I've been Engineering Groups representative at OW2 BoD, in which I have always played an active role, participating in almost all board meetings as well as in many OW2 events. I continuously involve Engineering Groups people into OW2 community, also through the various activities fostered by the consortium, such as: technology council, OW2 events, meetings and discussions, participation in EC Collaborative projects. I think that the active participation in a community is a key factor for its growth and success. I'm available to continue to serve the board and the community with my knowledge and experience in the open source context.

Applicant Bio

Gabriele Ruffatti is Architectures & Processes for ICT Innovation director at Engineering Group. He is also head of the Big Data and Open Source Competency Centers, as well as Methodologies, Processes and Services Director at Engineering's Software Labs. In 2004 he founded the SpagoWorld initiative, which develops and manages some projects within OW2 and Eclipse Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Directors of OW2 Consortium since its inception and from 2013 to 2014 he was President of the Consortium. He actively participates in the Eclipse Foundation and he is member of the Open Source Initiative. He has served as organizational or program committee member for various conferences dealing with open source, software processes and big data. He has held senior management positions at Engineering Group in the fields of project and product management, software process improvement and design of innovative software architectures. He has lectured at Engineering's ICT Training School on software engineering & quality and he has been adjunct professor for open source software at the University of Padova, Italy. Supporter of various initiatives bringing innovation to research and education, he cooperates with research institutes, universities and students through workshops, presentations, internships and degree thesis support.

Organization Name

Engineering Group

Organization Brief