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38 38 The deadline for contestant registration is June 30, 2014.
39 39
40 40 1. Participants select a topic from the list provided on the OW2 Contest [Topics page>Topics].
41 -1. Fill the * Registration Form *[Registration form>Events2014ProgrammingContestProposals.WebHome]*
41 +1. Fill the *[Registration form>Events2014ProgrammingContestProposals.WebHome]*
42 42 1. After registration, participants must get in touch with the topic contact, and exchange information on the corresponding project mailing list.
43 43 1. A weekly report has to be sent by e-mail to the topic contact and OW2 Programming Contest staff.
44 44 1. The software will be developed using the [Trustie collaborative infrastructure>] or alternatively SVN on the [OW2 Forge>] or [Git>]. It should include appropriate documentation for installing and running the software, as well as examples and tests. The language for code comments and documentation should be English.


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