OW2 2010 Annual Conference feedback

    1. Please rate your satisfaction with the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference?
Let's start with a direct question, just tell us what you thought of it.
5 - Very Satisfied4 - Satisfied3 - Neutral2 - Not Satisfied1 - Very Dissatisfied0- I did not attend thisNumber of
- Open Cloud Summit Keynotes28% (11)47% (18)7% (3)0% (0)0% (0)15% (6)38
- Open Cloud Summit Panel discussion31% (12)36% (14)10% (4)2% (1)0% (0)18% (7)38
- Cloud Session: Open Source in the Cloud23% (9)55% (21)7% (3)0% (0)0% (0)13% (5)38
- OW2 Joint Projects Session13% (5)39% (15)13% (5)0% (0)0% (0)34% (13)38
- Software Quality Assurance Track Session13% (5)13% (5)13% (5)0% (0)0% (0)60% (23)38
- Business Intelligence Initiative Session13% (5)13% (5)7% (3)0% (0)0% (0)65% (25)38
- OW2 Software In Action Session13% (5)34% (13)10% (4)0% (0)0% (0)42% (16)38
- OW2 Collaborative Projects Session7% (3)28% (11)13% (5)0% (0)0% (0)50% (19)38
- OVERALL CONFERENCE RATING31% (12)50% (19)15% (6)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Number of Respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
     2. What else did you like or dislike?
Based on your experience of the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference, please rate your satisfaction for the following elements.
Note: rows are displayed in random order by the system.
5 - Very Satisfied4 - Satisfied3 - Neutral2 - Not Satisfied1 - Very Dissatisfied0- No OpinionNumber of
Registration process31% (12)52% (20)7% (3)5% (2)0% (0)2% (1)38
Facilities (La Cantine)13% (5)36% (14)28% (11)10% (4)2% (1)7% (3)38
Programme content26% (10)68% (26)2% (1)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Keynotes31% (12)52% (20)5% (2)0% (0)0% (0)10% (4)38
Hotel list10% (4)13% (5)13% (5)5% (2)0% (0)57% (22)38
Info on OW2 website28% (11)60% (23)7% (3)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Sponsor area5% (2)31% (12)34% (13)0% (0)0% (0)28% (11)38
Coffee breaks26% (10)60% (23)10% (4)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Free pizza lunch26% (10)34% (13)10% (4)5% (2)0% (0)23% (9)38
Free beer party31% (12)26% (10)7% (3)2% (1)0% (0)31% (12)38
Presentations21% (8)73% (28)2% (1)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Overall organization31% (12)50% (19)15% (6)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Event place (Paris)42% (16)44% (17)10% (4)0% (0)0% (0)2% (1)38
Event date23% (9)63% (24)7% (3)2% (1)0% (0)2% (1)38
Video capture28% (11)23% (9)15% (6)0% (0)0% (0)31% (12)38
Staff help, availability50% (19)39% (15)5% (2)2% (1)0% (0)2% (1)38
Pocket Programme42% (16)36% (14)13% (5)0% (0)0% (0)7% (3)38
Attendee kit, goodies15% (6)44% (17)28% (11)0% (0)0% (0)10% (4)38
Number of Respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
     3. On the plus side.
 In a few words, what did you like most about the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference? What was sucessfull in the event? What should we really try to keep and improve?
   1. Small conferences are nice to attend - this is one point. But it's not easy to keep conferences small and so cosy as ow2 event is.
   2. * Video streaming of presentations * Face2face meetings * People discussions
   3. Unfortunately I missed the first day that seems very interesting. I appreciated the global level of all presentations
   4. Event date and place are good but rooms must be more separated.
   5. Good overview of the consortium activities, good presentations, good opportunity to get together in La Cantine and have further discussions
   6. Nice atmosphere
   7. La Cantine is a very nice location in the center of Paris and the OW2 staff was very friendly and helpfull...
   8. Meeting - physically - the community.
   9. Invited presentations, to show what is done outside OW2 and to envisage collaboration
   10. Several excellent presentations and very qualified presenters. I really enjoyed Randy Bias comments and recommandations.
   11. What I liked the most : The possibility to make contacts, networking and discuss projects. To be kept informed on new technologies and what's going on in the Open Source World. The kindness and mentality of the people.
   12. - Technical level - Meet OW2 people and others - Quality of talks
   13. It's the first time we had a real OW2 Conference. Main results are presentations and audience. Main improvments could be location and something more in preparation (e.g.: unconferences).
   14. The international presence, the presentations that were mostly business and not simply technological oriented
   15. International outreach, one of the only non-US dominated techno-gatherings Quality of participants, socio-techno scope Opportunity for contacts amplified by the casual and tight setting (please keep this)
   16. Opportunities for discussions, good speakers
   17. Open Cloud Summit: ggod presenttaions from OpenNebula and OpenStack (even I would have preferred o presentation from RackSpace and/or Nasa.
   18. Organization is very good, there were many experts from industry to share their works in Cloud.
   19. the place, La Cantine is quite well located the keynotes
   20. The content of the conference is very good. It's better to introduce more implemented object.
   21. - Excellent "melting pot" event (many different people there). - Very interesting conferences. - Very good availability of OW2 staff.
   22. It is great to participate in the cloud computing session, which let me know the state of the art of the relevant work. I will be glad to see similar sessions focusing on some hot topic in the next annual conference.
   23. Things to improve: organization, ordinary laptop for presentation, the small display was a little bit annoying. Tell beforehand that you do not support powerpoint at all, it is not problem, but unpleasant surprise on the spot. Video capture was great.
   24. I liked the reception and sharing spirit that reigned there as well as the dynamism of the participants. A great tool for sharing of open source projects.
Number of Respondents24
Number of respondents who skipped this question14
     4. On the downside.
 In a few words, what did you dislike most about the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference? Where did we go wrong? What should we really improve? What should we really do differently?
   1. I would improve the place for sitting - chairs maybe. From organisation point I would give more manuevering space to sponsors with their booths.
   2. * Better organization of the unconferences * Parallel session annoucements * More rooms (meaning more places to discuss in small groups) * Have time to discuss during the evening (not being ejected because of another event at 20h)
   3. the main room is not as nice (more noisy) as the smallest one
   4. Some presentations about software in production.
   5. Tutorials should be separate from the conference tracks.
   6. The location was a little bit too small.
   7. ...but La Cantine is too small a place for such a conference and there was no real separation between rooms 1 and 2.
   8. To improve: Better sound isolation between parallel sessions. A shorter satisfaction survey form, please... (I first decided not to answer because of its length).
   9. Facilities: although the Cantine is a very nice place for location in Paris and spirit emoticon_smile, it was a little bit small for such an event and listening to the presentations was not very confortable.
   10. Although the place was very pleasant, it was way too small regarding the number of attendees.
   11. Nothing was really wrong. Perhaps we can imagine areas where people can sit together and show each other what they've done recently, show demos on their PC, etc... I mean during the breaks.
   12. La Cantine is a good place but maybe to small...
   13. Unconferences are a tricky topic. They must be prepared in advance (e.g.: using a pool or starting some discussions in advance).
   14. If possible, avoid parallel sessions
   15. EU attendance Better setting and catalysis for unconference (which really didn't happen)
   16. La Cantine is not the right place to host such an event because of the absence of isolation between the lobby, the main room, the demos. The main room was too small for the number of attendees and much too noisy becanse or groups of people chatting in the lobby. This really should be improved.
   17. The event place is not very suitable. The conference room is a little narrow. The power for notebook is not very convenient.
   18. the place, La Cantine is too noisy when room 1 & 2 are used simultaneously unconference was not really visible
   19. The location should be a little bigger.
   20. The real problem with the location was the acoustic interference between the two presentations that were going on at the same time on the ground floor.
   21. - the rooms were a bit too small for the number of people (but the area of La Cantine is nice...).
   22. Pizza lunch - c'mon, we were in Paris :-). Presentation were fine, I liked them.
   23. I could not attend certain conferences on Quality because the session was planned in the same time
Number of Respondents23
Number of respondents who skipped this question15
     5. How did you hear about the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference?
 We'd like to know whatar our comunication channels. Please check all that apply.
Note: rows are displayed in random order by the system.

% of
Number of
Through the OW2 Newsletter http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark14.gif14.04%8
Through an OW2 mailing list http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light21.gif21.05%12
With the Call for Papers http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark7.gif7.02%4
A colleague told me about it http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light25.gif24.56%14
In an OW2 meeting (TC, Board, etc.) http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark18.gif17.54%10
In another meeting http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light2.gif1.75%1
On the net, a website, a blog, a tweet, etc. http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark12.gif12.28%7
Direct contact with OW2 people http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark2.gif1.75%1
Number of respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
     6. What did the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference bring you?
Would you say the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference brought you the following benefits?
Note: rows are displayed in random order by the system.
5- Strongly Agree4- Agree3- Undecided2- Disagree1- Strongly DisagreeNumber of
Better understanding of OW226% (10)55% (21)18% (7)0% (0)0% (0)38
An occasion to meet OW2 people57% (22)39% (15)2% (1)0% (0)0% (0)38
A sense of community belonging31% (12)52% (20)15% (6)0% (0)0% (0)38
Ideas for my work, my research26% (10)47% (18)23% (9)2% (1)0% (0)38
Interesting overview of works in my field31% (12)50% (19)15% (6)2% (1)0% (0)38
Better knowledge of open source cloud21% (8)65% (25)10% (4)0% (0)2% (1)38
Better knowledge of OW2 projects31% (12)60% (23)7% (3)0% (0)0% (0)38
Networking opportunities26% (10)55% (21)15% (6)0% (0)2% (1)38
An occasion to catch up with friends, colleagues18% (7)68% (26)10% (4)2% (1)0% (0)38
Number of Respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
     7. What did you get out of the event?
 In a few words, what would you say was the main interest of the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference for you?
   1. For me main interest was to meet ow2 board and hear a lot of interesting projects which are in ow2. Otherwise those projects are not so visible on web - apache and other projects are somehow more known to oss users.
   2. Finally meet peoples in face to face
   3. jonas performance audit tools
   4. In depth discussions with projects and participants.
   5. Dissemination of the results of our project. Seeing what others do.
   6. - Info about OSCi - The presentation by J.-P. Smets: brilliant! - and more generally talking with people whom i did not know -- but that is the nomal case in a good conference...
   7. rapid overview due to time constraints. Will definitely spend more time for the next OW2 event (if it is possible to sit down easily during presentations)
   8. The Cloud Session and too meet OW2 guys
   9. An overvie on Cloud Computing and SQUAT (Quality) initiative
   10. A better understanding of the OW2 projects and how people interact together. Also a good opportunity to see where my product can take place in projects, and can be transformed to business together with other products.
   11. A renewed convintion of OW2 model rightness
   12. By order of importance : Awareness of OW2's software grass roots geopolitics and projects Discovery of people/organizations and a few contacts, ecosystem "data points" Opportunity to re-connect with people
   13. Position OW2 among all the activities related to cloud
   14. Opensource Cloud presentations.
   15. The topic of this conference Cloud Computing is very good for me. I know the progress of Cloud in open source or industry in Europe.
   16. Free beer party ;-) and key notes
   17. Yes, I got a lot information about my area - software quality ensurence in OW2 conference.
   18. Possibility to interact with people about FLOSS quality themes New ideas
   19. Meet people and have direct talks.
   20. 1. It is very possible to find a potential partner for future collaboration. 2. I am interested in getting to know what is going on in the open source world.
   21. A very personnal interrest : to present Salome-TMF to the community and to make it a most popular test management tool
Number of Respondents21
Number of respondents who skipped this question17
     8. Shall we see you again next year?
 How likely are you to attend the OW2 Annual Conference again next year?
% of
Number of
5 - Very Likely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark71.gif71.05%27
4 - Somewhat Likely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light24.gif23.68%9
3 - Neither Likely Nor Unlikely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark5.gif5.26%2
2 - Somewhat Unlikely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light0.gif0.00%0
1 - Very Unlikely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark0.gif0.00%0
Number of respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
     9. Will you recommend the OW2 Annual Conference?
 How likely are you to attend the OW2 Annual Conference to a friend or a colleague?
% of
Number of
5 - Very Likely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark66.gif65.79%25
4 - Somewhat Likely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light32.gif31.58%12
3 - Neither Likely Nor Unlikely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark3.gif2.63%1
2 - Somewhat Unlikely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light0.gif0.00%0
1 - Very Unlikely http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark0.gif0.00%0
Number of respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
     10. Now the call for help ;-)
Please let us know if you can help us with next year's OW2con, and how. And if you have any other comment or suggestion about the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference, please feel free this is your last chance today!
   1. I can help with finding speakers, spread a good word in my country and region.
   2. Well, as a CTO, I think I'll help :-)
   3. I would like to help per your request.
   4. Unfortnunatelly not, being already too busy (I know, who is not?)
   5. Yes I can emoticon_wink Just tell me what I can do to help you!
   6. yes I can.
   7. Last chance ? Ah, only for today.
   8. Many projects of OW2, especially in Cloud Computing are from Europe. The big problem of OW2 is that there is few contribution from China. My suggestion is that next OW2 annual conference may be located in China. The cloud projects on OW2 may be interests for Chinese industry/open source.
   9. I can try to make a presentation.
   10. Like this year, we will do advertising to the attention of schools (that we are following) and to our customers
Number of Respondents10
Number of respondents who skipped this question28
     11. In what capacity did you attend the 2010 OW2 Annual Conference?
 We'd like to know about who attended the conference. Please check all that apply.
Note: rows are displayed in random order by the system.

% of
Number of
I am an OW2 Individual Member http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark11.gif10.96%8
I work for an OW2 Strategic or Corporate Member http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light29.gif28.77%21
I am a student http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark1.gif1.37%1
None of the above http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light0.gif0.00%0
I am interested by OW2 http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark16.gif16.44%12
I am interested in Cloud Computing http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light25.gif24.66%18
I contribute to an OW2 project http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark15.gif15.07%11
OW2 CTO http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/dark1.gif1.37%1
OW2 software user http://www.esurveyspro.com/Temp/light1.gif1.37%1
Number of respondents38
Number of respondents who skipped this question0
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