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1 +<h1>OW2 is launching CompatibleOne, The Open Source Cloud Broker at Cloud Expo 2012 West</h1>
2 +
3 +<a href="">{image:west-cloudbanner.jpg}
4 +</a>
5 + \\
6 +**Come and check out the CompatibleOne demonstrations on the OW2 booth #915.**
7 + \\
8 +
9 +<I>Check out OW2 CEO's interview on OW2, Compatible and open source cloud <a href="">there</a></I>.
10 +
11 +<I>Attend the presentation “Next-Generation Cloud Management: The Cloud Service Broker” by Iain James Marshall & Jean-Pierre Laisne? Monday, November 5th, 4:25 - 5:05 pm. More details:</I>
12 +
13 +
14 +**Click <a href="">here</a> to download the CompatibleOne launch material**:
15 +- Press Releases ( main CompatibleOne Release and Partner Press Releases)
16 +- Compatibleone in ten points
17 +- Partner quotes
18 +- CompatibleOne white-paper
19 +- CompatibleOne brochure
20 +
21 +**About CompatibleOne**\\
22 +CompatibleOne is an advanced cloud resource management and automatic provisioning software environment powered by service brokering capabilities. With CompatibleOne, the seamless federation of heterogeneous resources across different Cloud Service Providers is now possible.
23 +Developers and users can now combine different services available from different suppliers. CompatibleOne supports all kinds of resources, not just infrastructure ones but any resource which can be invoked as a service. It helps developers and users avoid vendor lock-in, enforce SLAs and reduce costs.
24 +The CompatibleOne open source broker is an open source collaborative project based on open standards, notably OCCI. Visit <a href=""></a>.
25 +
26 +
27 +**Invitation for free VIP Passes:**
28 +
29 +OW2’s participation at the 11th International Cloud Expo gives OW2 the right to "unlimited" use of the special priority code “OW2VIPgold” that allows our members and their clients, potential clients and partners to attend the event 100% free as a OW2 "VIP Gold Pass" holder, giving them full access to every session, every track, across all four days of the conference... everything that a fully paid $2,000 Golden Pass bring.
30 +
31 +To benefit from this offer, please follow those steps.
32 +
33 +1. Go to the special registration page
34 +
35 +2. Fill out the Attendee Information form
36 +
37 +3. Select the VIP Gold Pass Registration Option
38 +
39 +Please note, if you would like to add Cloud Computing Bootcamp or Cloud Essentials Certification Program, please select the VIP Gold Pass and the additional package you would like.
40 +
41 +4. Enter the Discount Code “OW2VIPgold”
42 +
43 +5. The price will re-set from $2,000 to $0 (unless you have added Cloud Computing Bootcamp or the Cloud Essentials Certification Program to your registration) and you can then complete the brief registration process for full access to all sessions, all days, all tracks.
44 +
45 +(For these complimentary VIP Gold Passes Luncheon, access to the Cloud Computing Bootcamp, Cloud Essentials and the Collectible Conference Bag are NOT included.)
46 +
47 +
48 +Here is the official tweet:
49 +
50 +Visit @OW2 Booth @CloudExpo Silicon Valley \[Nov 5-8\] Register w/ "OW2VIPgold" code as #OW2 VIP guest ? #CloudExpo
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