Project Lifecycle Criteria

OW2 project classification

The project life cycle is composed of three stages: Incubation, Mature and Archive

New projects start in the Incubation stage then may move to the Mature stage and, ultimately, might end up in Archive stage depending on periodic evaluation by the Technology Council.

The Technology Council has defined a set of criteria to evaluate migration from the Incubation to the Mature status.

Deciding whether a project should move to the Archive status can be proposed by the Project Leader. Alternatively, upon observing the non-evolution of the project code base and activity over a period of time, OW2 can contact the Project Leader to propose moving to Archive. Note that an Archive project still benefits from the OW2 infrastructure services, and can come back to the Incubator or Mature status when activity resumes.

The original list of criteria which were considered for classification can be found here.