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SpagoBI is the 100% open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite. Thanks to its wide offering of analytical tools and to its intuitive user interface, it supports day-to-day and strategic business.

SpagoBI suite includes not only usual reporting and charting tools, but also unique and innovative solutions for new business intelligence domains, such as location intelligence, KPIs, real-time, mobile, big data, what-if and social listening. Thanks to its modular approach and open standards, it allows easy customization and the development of flexible user-friendly solutions.

SpagoBI is released as a single stable open source version. This eliminates any license costs, separating the right to use the software from the purchase of support services, avoiding both software and vendor lock-in. This facilitates its adoption within Analytics, which fully exploit the potentials of the suite to meet the market requests.

Conceived and realized by the SpagoBI Labs of Engineering Group -the leading Italian software and services company-, it is part of the software stack managed by OW2.

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FOSSology analysis Antepedia report Sonar OMM report (Open Maturity Model)
License analysis for SpagoBI 3.6 Antepedia report (CSV) for SpagoBI 3.0.0
Antepedia report (HTML) for SpagoBI 3.0.0
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