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Nursery is a set of software allowing to manage an API ecosystem. It includes:

  • an API/web-services gateway: technical point of publication for web API allowing to simplify network issues for producer and consumer. It enforce access policy management (encryption, authorization, quotas. It's based on Apache web server)
  • an API self-care: this is a marketplace allowing consumer to subscribe or to publish API. Once subscriptions are validated by an administrator, API gateway is provisioned to enable access for consumer. It's a JEE web app.
  • a monitoring probe module, enabling generic HTML monitoring page to be plugged behind any monitoring system (like Nagios). It offers a simple OK/KO web page to monitoring system and send proper request (SOAP, REST) information to API to monitor. It also provide some additional connectors specifically for Nagios integration. It's a JEE web app
In addition, even if it is not a base feature of Nursery, it also provides a "received SMS router" witch is able to forward received SMS according to the SMS description( content, sender...) and enabling mutualization of SMS infrastructure (One shortCode/MSISDN, many recipient). The typical use case is the following:
  • a SMS "box" (such like Kannel) receive a SMS from GSM network and forward it, as a web request to the SMS Router. According to routing rule, the SMS router will forward the request to the proper recipient as a web request too.

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