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Funambol is the leading provider of mobile cloud sync. Its mobile open source platform can be used for many types of mobile applications, including push email, PIM data synchronization and device management. It provides C++ and Java client APIs and server side Java APIs. It facilitates the development, deployment and management of a wide range of mobile projects.

Funambol consists of several components, including:

  • Funambol Data Synchronization Server: a mobile server providing synchronization services for mobile devices and PC software, as well as push email capabilities.
  • Funambol Connectors: interfaces to various email systems, databases, file systems and applications, for bidirectional data synchronization.
  • Funambol Clients: client software applications that enable users to synchronize email and PIM data (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) between a wide range of mobile devices and the Funambol server.
  • Funambol Software Development Kit (SDK): a suite of tools to develop sometimes-connected mobile applications on devices in Java (J2SE and J2ME) and C++, and to add data sources to the server.
  • Funambol Administration Tool: a simple graphic tool to administer Funambol installations.
  • Funambol Device Management: an OMA DM server to remotely manage mobile devices.
The Funambol project was started in 2001 by developers because of the lack of an open source Java implementation of the SyncML (OMA DS) standard. This original project was known as Sync4j. At the beginning of 2006, it changed its name to Funambol, to have the same name as the company that grew out of the original project and that now funds its development.

The Funambol project has gone beyond the original server engine. It now includes administration tools and many mobile device clients. Funambol is in production use all over the world and supports millions of end users. The project has been granted several awards from prestigious industry organizations for innovation in the mobile industry. Funambol is released under the AGPLv3 licence.

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