Project overview


The Emerginov platform is an open PHP PaaS developed for the internal Orange Labs research project “Solution for Emergining countries and new market". It consists in the smart integration of lots of open source components + the development of the glue between these components.

The Emerginov platform has been the key element for the VOICES FP7 European project http://mvoices.eu/. One of the requirement regarding sustainability of the European project consists in delivering an open source version of the open PHP PaaS.

It is a basic PHP incubator allowing rapid prototyping on over the top of operator networks. It focused on Telco web project and more precisely on vocal and SMS based services.

It consists mainly in:

  • portal ensuring the glue between the different other open source components
  • scripts (automatization of development from the internal SVN to the lived network)
  • puppet installation scripts
It is mainly developed in PHP + scripting languages.

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SQuAT: Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness

See here for a description of OW2 SQuAT programme.

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