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1 -The goal of the Contrail Project is to design, implement, evaluate and
2 -promote an open source system for Cloud Federations. Contrail will
3 -leverage and extend the results from the XtreemOS FP6 IP project, which
4 -builds a Linux-based operating system to support Virtual Organizations
5 -for next-generation Grids.
1 +{style:type=span|font-size=14px}Contrail is a complete Cloud platform which integrates a full
2 +Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service facilities. {style}{style:type=span|font-size=14px}It
3 +allows Cloud providers to seamlessly integrate resources from other
4 +Clouds with their own infrastructure, and breaks the current customer
5 +lock-in situation by allowing live application migration from one cloud
6 +to another{style}
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1 -Supply of, and demand for computational capacity is elastic. Some
2 -companies are are falling short, others have capacity in abundance. More
3 - often than not the need or surplus in computational power or storage
4 -capacity is temporary.
1 +Contrail will vertically integrate an open-source distributed
2 +operating system for autonomous resource management in
3 +Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, and high level services and
4 +runtime environments as foundations for Platform-as-a-Service.
5 +The main achievement will be a tightly integrated software stack in open
6 + source including a comprehensive set of system, runtime and high level
7 +services providing standardized interfaces for supporting cooperation
8 +and resource sharing over Cloud federations.
9 +
10 +Contrail will
11 +address key technological challenges in existing commercial and academic
12 + Clouds: the lack of standardized rich and stable interfaces; limited
13 +trust from customers; and relatively poor Quality of Service (QoS)
14 +guarantees regarding the performance and availability of Cloud
15 +resources. Addressing these important issues is fundamental to support
16 +large user communities formed of individual citizens and/or
17 +organizations relying on Cloud resources for their mission-critical
18 +applications.
19 +
20 +The main contribution of CONTRAIL is an integrated
21 + approach to virtualization, offering Infrastructure-as-a- Service,
22 +services for IaaS Cloud Federation, and Platform-as-a-Service. It will
23 +aim at equalling current commercial Clouds, and surpassing them in a
24 +number of selected key domains to facilitate industrial up-take of
25 +Federated Cloud computing.
26 +
27 +The expected outputs of CONTRAIL are as follows:
28 + <h3> A collection of infrastructure services offering network, computation and storage as a service:</h3>
29 +* Virtualinfrastructurenetworks(VIN)basedonself-organizingoverlaysfornetwork-controlleddata;
30 +* Virtual cluster platforms (VCP) managing computation resources; and
31 +* Management of federation policies such as security and resource sharing policies;
32 +* SLA management at federation and node level for different resource types; and
33 +* Autonomic resource management through monitoring and accounting.
5 5
6 -Wouldn't it be wonderful if the surplus of one
7 -corporation could (temporarily) alleviate the wantage of the other?
35 + <h3> A collection of PaaS services to support typical Cloud applications: – High-throughput elastic structured storage;</h3>
36 +* Automatic set-up and configuration of SQL servers within the Cloud; and
37 +* Geographically distributed key/value store.
8 8
9 -A
10 -consortium of ten organisations from six European countries started on a
11 - collaborative project to enable just that. The Contrail project aims to
12 - design, implement, evaluate and promote an open source computational
13 -cloud wherein users can limitlessy share resources.
39 + <h3>
40 + A collection of run-time environments providing elasticity, scalability
41 + and performance dependability to selected classes of applications:</h3>
42 +* An efficient map/reduce implementation;
43 +* Scalable hosting for service-oriented applications; and
44 +* Autonomic workflow execution.
45 +
46 + <h3>
47 + A collection of applications from the domains of e-business, e-science,
48 + telecommunication and media using and demonstrating the advantages of
49 +the CONTRAIL open-source system:</h3>
50 +* Distributed Provision of Geo-referentiated Data;
51 +* Multimedia Processing Service Marketplace;
52 +* Clouds for High Performance Real-Time Scientific Data Analysis; and
53 +* Large-scale Code Analysis using Clouds for Open Source software.