Workpackage 3

Workpackage 3

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Workpackage 3: Tools & Services

Mission & Statements

Based on Open Source and Open Standard components, acting as a community, our mission is to:

  • Propose OW2 contributors new tools and services to support their daily work;
  • Promote European academic projects through the ELC dissemination channel;
  • Foster original and innovating academic research initiatives.


Feb 09

  • The OW2 ELC will present a paper to the OW2 Annual Conference in April: How to create and sustain an OSS Community.

Jan 09

  • The first Webinar program has been published. Very interesting sessions!
  • As ELC is getting a lot of news, a special RSS Feed in under investigation.
  • OW2 Europe Local Chapter Goodies: two nice backgrounds has been published.
  • Whitepapers continues… be patient :-)
  • Few Whitepapers under work (Community, OSS Best practices, etc.). This work is quite long and will be communicated as soon as possible.



  • Task 3.1 Definition and development of shared tools and services
    June 2008 - Sept. 2010
  • Task 3.2 Support Europe LC devoted pages on OW2 Web site
    June 2008 - Dec. 2010
  • Deliverable 3.1 First release of tools and services platform
    Dec. 08
  • Deliverable 3.x Subsequent releases of tools and services platform
    Twice a year.

Tasks & Activities

Oct 08 till now 09

  • We have successfully tested several tools and create Webinar content and whitepapers (DimDim Webinar tool, Community Building methodology, OSS Licences choices, RSS Feed news, etc).

Sep 08

  • We have implemented with Jeremy Casery (thanks!) the new webinar tool. In parallel we are working on several ideas such as IPR tracking with COSS Community, Scheduling tool (Doodle like), Student assignment monitoring. ONCE MORE, your ideas are more than welcome.

July 08

  • We are currently working on several ideas such as Scheduling tool (Doodle like), Student assignment monitoring, Education packages, etc. Your ideas are more than welcome.

June 08
The Europe Local Chapter proposed new tools and services to the OW2 MO:

  • Webinar Tool: Dimdim
    Communicate around OW2 activities (New Members Welcome training, Project Presentation, Forge Training, Community Animation Training, etc.).
  • OSS License Audit Tool: HP Fossology,
    Help OW2 project managers & developers in their daily job when talking about OSS licences, compatibility, governance. This tool, plugged to a forge, audit the code base and provide list of licenses used.
  • OSS License Checker Tool: Open Source License Checker,
    Java stand alone program that audit a code and provide licenses conflicts. Very easy to install, interesting tool.
small roadmap(WP3).bmp

Tools & Services

available.PNGTool to manage student assignments on projectsOpen Source
Producing OSS
Freash Meat
OSS Watch

Elearning & ECollaboration
Software Law Freedom Center
Creative Common
IPR Helpdesk
available.PNGWebinar Service
available.PNGOSS Audit License Tool

Upcoming tools & services:
unavailable.PNGTool to manage student assignments on projects
unavailable.PNGSchedule an Event (Doodle like)
unavailable.PNGRegression Benchmarking tool


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