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The Europe Local Chapter

Call for new leader

After launching and running successfully the Europe Local Chapter (ELC) for almost 2 years, INRIA is willing to hand over this responsibility to a new Strategic Member. INRIA contributions, helped by the other members of the ELC namely Engineering, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Prague University, Thales and Francois Letellier (as Individual member representative), encompassed the following main achievements:
  • set up and organization of more than 20 webinars on OW2 projects and technologies;
  • European roadshow in Germany to promote OW2 reputation among academia and industrial communities;
  • Community Building guidelines to support all OW2 members in their endeavor to raise awareness and sustain their project;
  • fOSSa conference (co-lead with INRIA), the Free Open Source Software Academia conference in Grenoble, which gathered more than 250 attendees from around the world;
  • contribution to the OSS Context organized by the Chinese Local Chapter;
  • numerous conferences, papers and exhibition attendances;
  • recruitment of new projects with key contributors such as ASPIRE RFID, Open Source License Checker (OSLC), OCELOT...

    Nevertheless, INRIA will continue to participate to OW2 Technical Council, events and papers, will assist OW2 in organizing the annual OW2 conference (provision of premises, promotion, ...) and organize the fOSSa conference in 2010.

    Welcome to all volunteers to the ELC and all the best to the new leader!



Local Chapters offer a number of benefits to the local OW2 contributors:
  • A contact point for local community;
  • A platform for local networking;
  • Communication and dissemination channel;
  • International cooperation opportunities in the open source middleware field;
  • A way to leverage ideas, investigate and implement actions, share results.

    The ELC welcomes new contributors who are willing to participate to its actions. More ...

News & Events

March 2010
  • Call for new leader! (see news on top of the page).

    January 2010

  • The OW2 ELC team wish you all the best for this coming year.. a lot of Free Open Source Project for your team, a lot of collaboration & participation to your communities!
  • OW2 Europe Local Chapter present its STATUS REPORT for Q4 2009... Nice to read it: it shows all our actions!
  • fOSSa conference is finished... More than 250 people participated. Thanks to all speakers and participants: fOSSA has been a great success! A BIG THANK TO YOU ! Don't miss the presentations, photos, feedbacks at:
  • OW2 Europe Local Chapter Team wish you a very nice christmas time! Our small and volunteer team will leave for some holidays.. yes, fOSSa has been an hard work but a great success.. we deserve a rest ;-)


  • fOSSa conference registration are open... More than 150 people already registered! Here is few examples of confirmed speakers: Roberto Di Cosmo, Cedric Thomas, Ralph Mueller, Genevève Fioraso (French Deputy)... Don't miss this event and register at:
  • more than 15 blogs & webzines are speaking about OW2 and relaying the fOSSa event!
  • OW2 Webinar program 2009-2010 is under construction. It took us more time than expected (due to fOSSa organization) but we should soon publish the new OW2 Webinar program. Keep tune!


    Open Source Workshop - OSW 2009 - IEEE (in conjunction with the 4th IEEE Systems and Software Week - SASW 2009); 14-15 Oct 2009 Skövde, Sweden\

  • This event explores current and future trends associated with both the state-of-the practice and state-of-the art of open source development. This conference focuses on studying the practices of open source communities and the way these communities are built and sustained. OW2 ELC article on "how to build and sustain an OSS community" has been accepted and will be presented in this event. More info at: &

    OSDC 2009 - Perl/Ruby and Python Developpers Day - Paris - 2nd October

  • This Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) aims to be a place for meetings and exchanges between developers from different communities, which too often ignore or distrust each other. The goal is to go beyond trolls and see what we can learn from each other. OW2 ELC will make a presentation of 40minutes about "how to Build and Maintain an OSS Community". More info at:

    Open World Forum 1st-2nd October

  • Most of the members of the OW2 ELC will be present at this event... so don't hesitate to catch us there! It will be a pleasure to meet (face-to-face) the community.


  • OW2 Europe Local Chapter present its STATUS REPORT for Q3 2009... Nice to read it: it shows all our actions! Q3 2009 Status ? its here

    ADIRA (OSS Rhones Alpes Club is launched!) - 29th of September

  • On the 29th of September, the OW2 ELC will be present to the first meeting on the ADIRA OSS Club in Lyon. The aim of this meeting is to define topics that will be reviewed (presentations) during the year 2009-2010. Topics that will be discussed are: Operating System, Databases, Middleware, EAR, Open Source Licenses, how to select OSS product. More information soon.

    Linkedin: Blog: OW2 ELC Flyers available!

  • Stefano Rizzi (University of Bologna) invited the OW2 ELC team and the OW2 Bi initiatives to promote it in two events: &
  • The OW2 ELC team and OW2 BI team has participated to dawak, in Europe (Linz-Austria) where we presented the community initiatives in fron t of Academics very interested by Open Source topics. On top of this, the OW2 BI initiative team went to Denmark to make another presentation more BI oriented.


  • OW2 ELC has published 2 articles in scientific magazines (European UPGRADE Magazine, Computing & Electronic Spanish Magazine). Both articles where about How to build a community.
  • OW2 Webinar Center Attention Project Managers! The OW2 Webinar Center run by the OW2 Europe Local Chapter team is for you. Want to use the platform for your cool project presentation? Just submit it to, or write to webinar AT We are looking forward to your proposals.


    Launch of the fOSSa conference (Free/Open Source Software Academia) co-organised by OW2 Europe Local Chapter and INRIA.

  • It will review Open Source fundamentals (Business models, licenses, collaboration, communities, promotion, exploitation, sustainability) and will present innovating Open Source project as well as communities experiences. fOSSa is the first international Open Source Conference event located in Grenoble, France (Congress Center of Grenoble World Trade Center) ! The conference is planed for the 17th & 1!th of November 2009. more info at:


  • Engineering joins the European Local Chapter: Engineering, co-founder and strategic member of OW2 Consortium, has joined the OW2 European Local Chapter as an industrial participant. ELC key objectives are: to foster the OW2 Research and Academic community in Europe, to help develop the Europe OW2 Business ecosystem, to provide specific support to local community needs. These objectives are achieved through three action tracks: academia networking, awareness and promotion, project valorisation.


  • EOI Business School, Madrid, Spain: OW2 ELC will make a presentation about "how to Build and Maintain an OSS Community". This school is quite famous in Spain!


  • Road Show in Berlin with Cédric Thomas (our OW2 CEO) & Alexandre Lefevre (TC Chairman). It was a great event!
  • Community Building guidelines to support all OW2 members in their endeavor to raise awareness and sustain their project.. it's HERE (We presented these slides at Salon Linux'09).

    Knowledge Sharing Webinar Program

  • Based on OSS DimDim tool, a Webinar platform has been setup to offer you functionnalities such as Desktop, Presentation and Whiteboard Sharing.
  • The current program contains around 20 sessions starting from "OW2 Fractal Technologies" to "OSS Community Building".
  • The aim is to share with you OW2 project technology but also increase knowledge in the OSS field so don' hesitate to register!
  • Register here

    Quaterly status

  • 2009-09-04, 10am CET - audio conference - +33 1 72 12 29 68

    More ...


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