January 2008 Infrastructure Migration

January 2008 Infrastructure Migration

Between January 21 and January 31, we will be migrating the OW2 technical infrastructure onto new servers.

Servers will be migrated one by one. Please keep in mind that some applications could experience black outs for some time during these two weeks.

The migration plan is as follows:

01/21 to 01/25: Servers migration and applications reconfiguration

01/21: Installation platform except Sympa (EPE)
 01/22: Installation Sympa (EPE)
 01/23: Migration Mysql and Openldap
 01/24: Migration Postgresl and Bind
 01/25: Migration Postfix and Sympa

01/28 to 02/01 : Applications migrations

01/28: Migration Apache, Tomcat, Jonas and Java
 01/29: Migration XWiki
 01/30: Migration Forge
 01/31: Last migrations
 02/01 at 9H30 : End.

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