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<% import*

port = 1025 org = '' fixture = new EmailFixture(port)

client = new SMTPClient() client.connect('localhost', port) client.login()

// set sender and recipient client.sender = "dna2gmdd.dl" client.addRecipient("giampaolo.fiorentino@$org")

// create and send header information header = new SimpleSMTPHeader("fiorentg@$org", "giampaolo.fiorentiono@$org", 'Successful build') header.addCC("occhipin@$org") header.addHeaderField('Organization', org) writer = new PrintWriter(client.sendMessageData()) writer << header

// send body of message writer << 'Successful build for ' + new Date() writer.close()

client.logout() client.disconnect()

fixture.assertEmailArrived(from: "giampaolo.fiorentino@$org", subject: 'Successful build')

} sentEmail()


Created by Giampaolo Fiorentino on 2007/11/08 13:38

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