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Le plugin: $plug
Le nom du plugin: $plug.getName()
$plug.init($xwiki.getXWikiContext()) port:

MAP : {}

$map.put("server","") $map.put("port","389") $map.put("bind_pass","lm2panpo_ldap") $map.put("bind_DN","cn=Manager,dc=objectweb,dc=org") $map.put("base_DN","ou=users,dc=objectweb,dc=org") MAP : {bind_pass=lm2panpo_ldap, bind_DN=cn=Manager,dc=objectweb,dc=org, base_DN=ou=users,dc=objectweb,dc=org, server=, port=389}

$plug.init($context.getContext()) $plug.connect($map,$context.getContext()) $"uid=doisneal",$map,$context.getContext())) ; ; ;

Nombre de ow : 0 Nombre de ow2 : 0 Nombre de ow_legal_entity : 0 Personne ayant autres roles : $nb4

Created by Administrator on 2007/06/19 08:30

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