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**Cloud Expo Europe, Feb 26-27, 2014, London**. Large OW2 presence at Cloud Expo Europe 2014. Visit us booth #520. Learn more about the Open Cloud during the Feb. 26 panel discussion or attend the Open Cloud Forum [[More>>]][[More>>Events.Cloud_Expo_Europe_2014_London]]
**Open Cloud Forum 2014 Series**. OW2 is launching in 2014 a series of "Open Cloud Forums", the first one to be held at Cloud Expo Europe in London and the second at Cloud Computing World Expo in Paris. More about the [[London>>]][[London>>Events.Cloud_Expo_Europe_2014_London]] forum or about the [[Paris>>]][[Paris>>Events.Cloud_Computing_World_Expo]] one.
**[[CloudScape VI>>]],VI>>Events.20140224_CloudScapeVI_Brussels]], Feb 24-25 2014, Brussels**. OW2 and OCEAN FP7 Project members will provide presentations and meetings, at the brand new Microsoft Centre in Brussels, 51 Rue Montoyer. They will give details about OCEAN first year results and 2014 Open Cloud Interoperability PlugFest.

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