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[[[[image:OWF2013small.jpg||target="blank" title="OWF2013"]]>>]]...
**Open World Forum Paris** Meet members of OW2 Community at OWF, during the Community Panel, in the Community Summit, at the Open Source on Cloud Session or visit us at the OpenStack/OW2 booth, # C3!. [[More>>||style="font-family: Arial, Lucida, ’Trebuchet MS’, ’Luxi Sans’, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; font-style: normal; line-height: 16px; "]](% style="text-align: left;display:none;" %)
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[[[[image:CloudPlugfestLogoSmall.png||target="blank" title="Cloud Interoperability Week"]]>>]]
**Cloud Interoperability Week, September 16-20, Madrid and Santa Clara**
The Cloud Interoperability Week was a great success, specially the tutorial programme, thanks to the participation of OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula and CompatibleOne. Check out our report in pictures [[here!>>]] [[More>>]].
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[[[[image:OW2ProgrammingContestMedium.png||target="blank" title="OW2 Programming Contest"]]>>]]
**OW2 Programming Contest 2013** Joint programming contest organized by Scilab and OW2. More than 15 prizes will be distributed! [[More>>]]\\

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